October 1, 2019


by Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz


Your Vote Is

Your Best Weapon

Against Injustice





The right to vote is one of the most powerful tools that the American people have when it comes to shaping how this country is run. Yet, some of you do not think your vote counts, and some of you do not vote at all. If you do not vote or think that your vote does not count, I recommend asking yourself what affect the following elected officials have or could have on your life:


U.S. President

U.S. Senator

U.S. Representative

State Governor

State Lt. Governor

State Attorney General

State Land Commissioner

State Agricultural Commissioner

State Railroad Commissioner

State Supreme Court Chief Justice

State Supreme Court Justice

State Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

State Court of Criminal Appeals

State Senator

State Representative

County Judge

County Commissioner

County Attorney

County Clerk

County District Attorney

County District Court

County Sheriff

County Treasurer

County Constable

County Civil Courts

County Criminal Courts at Law

County Court of Appeal

County District Civil Courts

Country District Family Courts

County District Juvenile Courts

County Justice of the Peace Courts

County Probate Courts

City Mayor

City Controller

City Council

City Council at Large


In case you did not know, all of the above-listed elected officials have a tremendous affect on all of our lives. Those elected officials can make decisions that will either make our lives better or worse. Therefore, never fool yourself into thinking that your vote does not count. Your vote is the most powerful weapon that you have against injustice.


If you want to be treated fairly and with respect, you had better know who your elected officials are and what they stand for. When you find yourself in jail or before a court judge, would it not be better to be facing fair and just officers of the law and fair judges? For those of you who complain about police brutality and an unequal punishment system, do you vote? Do you know who you are voting for? Do you even know who your federal and state senators and representatives are? If you do not, you need to start doing some research right now, and you most certainly need to vote. 



The mayor and/or city council are usually responsible for hiring a police chief. Therefore, you must fully understand who your mayor and city council members are and what type of police chief they are likely to hire. The police chief is usually responsible for hiring police officers and for setting the tone and operational procedures for the police department. A sheriff is also an elected official and is responsible for setting the tone for the Sheriff's Department. It would be to your advantage to know something about the persons running for County Sheriff. 


Your U.S. Senators and Representatives are the folks who can pass or fail laws of the land that will affect every American citizen. You must know who these folks are when they are running for office so that you can vote for the person who will best represent your interests in Washington. When you do not vote, you are letting other people decide what is best for you and you have no right to complain if what you get is not what you want. 


Justice should be blind and without prejudice.


A U.S. President can put into place numerous people to help him or her run their administration. Some appointments must be approved by the Senate, such as U.S. Supreme Justices. Supreme Court Justices have enormous power and are in place for life; therefore, you need to be careful who you elect as President of the United States.  Supreme Court Justices vote on laws of the land, and they can also reverse laws that were previously put into place. The President also nominates candidates for other important positions such as the Department of Education, Department of Housing, and so forth. All of these officials make important decisions that affect the lives of the American people. 


The most important thing to remember is that your vote does count. Your vote can determine whether a fair and just government is in place or whether an unfair and unjust government is in place. Exercising your right to vote gives you a say-so in what happens in your country, your state, and your city or town.


In some countries, people are not allowed to have anything to do with how their government is run. You are privileged to be able to have a say in what is going on in America. If we are lax and do not exercise our right to vote, we might find ourselves stripped of our voting rights altogether. Remember, the Voting Rights Law is a law that can be changed or eliminated if someone decides to pursue that avenue, and if the wrong people are in all the right places. 


Some of you only vote in the Presidential elections, but that is half-stepping on your duty as a citizen. You also need to vote in state and city elections to ensure a healthy and well-rounded government. In many cases, your state and local government decisions affect your day-to-day life more than the national government.


There are a lot of tricksters on social media these days, who are determined to fool you into thinking your vote does not matter, or that the political party you support is against you. Do not let these tricksters lead you to-and-fro with their deceptive opinions.   Think for yourself. Do your own research. Know something about the people who are seeking election. And, even if all of the candidates for a particular office are not ideal, pick the better one in the lot and vote. 


The fact of the matter is that you, along with other voters, can impact things for the better. You can keep corrupt leaders from ever being elected into office! Don't ever fall for the trickster's okie doke---make it a rule to always vote!







--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

October 1, 2019