Rosalin Moss


Rosalin Moss is a retired web developer and business analyst.  She has been writing since she was around 12 years old, starting with a poem about a hummingbird.  She lost that poem along the way many years ago, but that little poem sparked a writing bug in her that has lasted a lifetime.  She loves most forms of arts and crafts and enjoys photography, sculpting, oil painting, and singing.  She also loves gardening , cooking, entertaining and traveling.  Rosalin currently is the founder and operator of The Mississippi Club, an online news and networking website.  She also support s a few other fun Facebook pages such as Roz, A Different Shot, and a new page called Big Bad Texas.  She is also trying to learn the guitar and those strings are screaming for dear life right now.  Rosalin is married, a native-Mississippian now living in Texas.