On My Soapbox - Election 2016

On My Soapbox

Election 2016



There has never been a political season like this 2016 Presidential Election!  A dull moment has not had a chance to materialize in this crazy fight between the democrats and the republicans.  Supporters on both sides cannot figure out why anyone would support their candidates opponent, and friendships and marriages have been stressed when folks voice their different opinions.  As so many others have already said, I have never seen anything like this in my life!


It is now the eve of Election Day 2016, and I am trying once again to reflect on what exactly has happened over the last few months.  I suppose things started revving up after Donald J. Trump shocked the Republican Party by defeating all of his opponents in the Republican Primary race.  Trump's entertainment abilities and lack of political correctness apparently appealed to folks more than the boring manners and common sense of the other candidates.  I, too, was amused with Trump's boldness and crazy tactics for a while.  You cannot deny that Trump has the ability to draw attention and to entertain.  However, after a while, I could no longer find Trump amusing; especially after he trashed President Obama and praised Russian leader Putin, as well as invited the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's email.  Trump's overall nastiness is a complete turnoff for me.  Then, there is his history of discrimination against Blacks, along with is obvious low-opinion of Blacks even today, in my opinion.  Trump has told blatant lies daily as if they were the gospel truth, yet touted himself as the answer to all of the problems he claims is plaguing America.  Video and audio tapes surfaced that portrayed Trump as an arrogant rich guy who had little or no respect for women, including his wives, and thought himself entitled to grope and sexually abuse women.  But in spite of all of Trumps flaws, he claims that he will make America great again, restore law and order, create jobs for everybody that wants to work, and solve the immigration issues by deporting and building a wall.  He is also promising to simplify the tax system and give tax breaks, along with getting rid of the Affordable Care Act.    He has also promised to clean up the inner city neighborhoods, ridding them of crime and umemployment.


When Hillary R. Clinton won the Democratic Primary race, the election scene went to another level as she and Trump began the battle to win the White House.  From the beginning, people were saying that neither candidate was anybody's favorite and it would be a choice of the lesser evil.  Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding Clinton for various incidents over the years, there was not anything criminal, as far as I can tell.  Yet, Trump has called Clinton "Crooked Hillary" throughout the entire race.  I still cannot fully understand the hatred some people seem to have for Hillary Clinton.  Not only do they loathe her for having a personal server that could have potentially caused a security breech for the country, they also blame her for the deaths in the Benghazi incident.  And besides suspicions around the Clinton Foundation, there is the policies that Bill Clinton put into place when he was President that caused a disproportionate number of Blacks to be imprisoned, along with Hillary's "super predator" remark.  Clinton has apologized for her mistake of using a personal server (not accepted by Republicans) and nothing has been found to blame her for the Benghazi deaths (not accepted by Republicans).  Bill Clinton has admitted that he made a mistake with his "three strikes" policy and Hillary has apologized for her "super predator" remark.  If she is elected President, Clinton promises to be a president to all Americans, the rich will pay their fair share in taxes, school loan issue will be resolved, free school tuition, improvements to Affordable Care Act, equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, and attention to the issues of police and citizen conflicts.


Tomorrow is the big day.  We shall see which unfavorable candidate is the most unfavorable.  I am voting for Hillary Clinton, not because I agree with everything that the Democratic Party represents, but because I sincerely believe that Hillary is the best choice of these two candidates.  I am certain that Hillary Clinton can run this country in a responsible manner and I have no fears about her being careless or selling the country out for personal gains.  I am certain that she will know how to deal with foreign leaders and foreign affairs.  I cannot say the same about Donald Trump.  Trump called Clinton a "nasty woman" during one of the debates, which I find ironic since Trump has proven himself to be the "King of Nasty", in my opinion.  And, after hearing Trump tell lies daily, I could never fully believe anything this man says, so I would hardly want him as my leader.  I am hoping and praying for a Hillary victory tomorrow.  Yes, for this 2016 Presidential Election, I'm with her! 



November 7, 2016