ON MY SOAPBOX - Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall 

Some of the things that have been happening in America lately have really been bothering me. It seems that instead of things getting better, they are getting worse, people are saying all kinds of hurtful things in front of the world. I see mean things being said on all sides. It doesn't help that we have leaders who are so divisive and seemingly unethical. I really don't know what is happening. I don't know if this is God's hand moving or if the author of confusion is at work. But I do believe, with all of my heart, that it is in our best interest to get along with one another. It is what the Good Book requires us to do, remember?

People need to stop letting these social media posts harden their hearts.   Especially since you really don't know what's real or not real these days. The foreigners fooled quite a few people with their impostor antics in 2016. Don't hate people because somebody told you to. The intense hatred people seemed to have for Hillary Clinton in 2016 never made any sense to me. Now I see that, in many instances, that hatred was being stoked by foreigners.

I really don't see why the races cannot get along. For the most part, everyone is pretty much in their own corner -- meaning that most Blacks live in predominantly Black neighborhoods and socialize with mostly Black people -- same goes for Whites, they live mostly in predominantly White neighborhoods and socialize with mostly White people -- same goes for Hispanics and Asians, and Indians, and so on. I see nothing at all wrong with that, personally. It is really quite natural for people to feel more comfortable around their own people, in my opinion. It is like being comfortable around your family.  However, I live in a very diverse neighborhood.  It is an older neighborhood, nothing fancy or upscale, just average.  We have Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and Indians living together in harmony.  We say hello and mind our own business.  I am friends with my immediate neighbors who happen to be Black, White, Hispanic and Jewish.  We all get along just fine.  Now, since we all do have to interact, for one reason or another, why can we not be civil and respectful to each other during those times?  We work together, we do business together, we attend events together, and so on.  What's the big deal?  Some of us choose to befriend people of other races and I think this is a wonderful thing.  We cannot understand each other if we do not communicate with each other.  I believe that if we honestly and openly communicate with each other, we will see that there are good people within all of the races.  We must not condemn an entire race because of a few rotten apples.  Most likely, there will always be people, on all sides, that hate people of other races, and there is nothing you can do about that.  Just do not let those people drive you to spending your precious time hating them and being hurt by what they say and do.  Stay away from those people, if possible.  

I believe that until we connect on a spiritual and human level, we will never reach the harmony that we so desperately need.  I do not see how we can connect spiritually and humanly when all sides continuously think they are better than the "others".  Everyone wants to be a little god.  It is so clear to me that many people have not humbled themselves, their ears and hearts appear to be closed to God's Word.  The author of confusion, it seems, is working his havoc on all of us and we are too full of ourselves to see it.

--Rosalin Moss

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February 27, 2018