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My Prediction

Trump Will Win Presidency

I have this crazy feeling, that I hope is fear, that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.  There is a certain appeal about Trump and some positive changes in this country would be welcome.  I am not exactly thrilled with the Dems myself and think they are too liberal in some areas.  However, I will continue to support the Democratic Party.

Now, what scares me about Trump is the fact that the man is so rude and crude to everyone, including handicapped people whom he makes fun of.  What puzzles me his why is supporters continue to support him in spite of his behavior?   It could be that some people want jobs and a decent income so badly that they are willing to take a chance on Trump bringing that to pass, and they don't care if he has manners or is politically correct or not.  Then folks are counting on Trump's business experience to make America "great" again, to remove government regulations, to take care of home first and to hell with the other countries, and so on.  The only thing is, I haven't heard anything good about Trump's business deals yet. 

I am predicting that Donald J. Trump will win the presidential election in 2016.  The thought just keeps coming to my mind.  Because I do not feel comfortable or safe with someone who makes fun of handicapped people and hails the Russians over his own countrymen, I hope I am wrong.  I hope that I am just scared of the very thought and that Clinton will prevail.  I think it would be good to see what, if anything, different and good would happen under the leadership of a woman.  Prove me wrong Hillary!

--Rosalin Moss

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July 29, 2016