ON MY SOAPBOX - Help Me Understand, Please

Help Me To Understand, Please 

I need someone to help me understand why being poor is a reason to become violent and shoot each other to death?  Please help me to understand why no jobs in the neighborhood is a reason to terrorize and vandalize the neighborhood?  I do not believe that a lack of resources in the immediate area is a valid reason for committing crimes.  I say this because in the past, times were much harder and tougher than they have ever been in modern times, and people did not resort to such things.  Instead, they made do, they helped each other, fathers went off to other towns to find work and fortune, mothers went to work at whatever was available to keep the family going, all the while keeping integrity intact.  Some people today are weak-minded, weak-hearted, and are a poor example of the strong and proud stock from whence they came.  It pains me to hear leaders say that the crime is so bad because people don't have any hope because they don't have jobs and other resources.  For goodness sakes!  If that is all you have to say, why would people have any hope?  Are they supposed to just wait until these jobs and resources come to them?  What about telling them that they "can" in spite of anything!  What about telling them to go find work in other areas, other towns?  People do what they believe they can do.  Has anyone bothered to help these people believe that they can rise up out of poverty without firing a single shot? 


However, I think the root cause of crime-ridden areas is the breakdown of the family unit.  Too many bad parents, single parents or no parents at all.  Raising children is serious business and is a full-time job, demanding focus and dedication to producing ethical, educated and productive citizens.  One of my own sisters and her husband have proven to me that it can be done, without a college education or any help from their parents.  They worked, went to church, raised two children who are both about to finish college, live a good and comfortable life.  So, the power is within the people themselves. 

Young people, do not fall into the trap of letting someone convince you that there is no hope, that you cannot help yourself.  It is a lie.  No one is holding you back or holding you down but your own thinking.  Are you not smart?  Are you not able to figure out a way in this world for yourself without breaking the law or killing someone?  If others have succeeded, what's wrong with you?  Are you not the kings and queens so many of you claim to be?  Stop the BS and make some wealth for you and yours.  I dare you. 

--Rosalin Moss

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February 28, 2018