December 16, 2020

by ©Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz




Things I Learned Or Was Reminded Of in 2020



1. Users will use you up if you let them.

2. It is foolishness trying to reason with a fool.

3. Some people I thought cared really don't give a damn about what I have to say.

4. Haters would rather go to hell than go to heaven with the “others”.

5. Sooner or later and without effort, what has been hidden will be revealed.

6. You never know what another person is really thinking or feeling.

7. For some, money means more than clean air, clean water, clean soil, saving lives or country.

8. Some people are such respecters of persons, they will believe anything.

9. Too many people really do not care about anyone or anything except themselves and what they believe and want. Even when they do good towards others, they do it out of self-righteousness, to make themselves look good and feel good, and they seldom keep it to themselves. There is an extreme case of me-ism permeating throughout the land, accompanied by a large dose of nasty that many find cute and entertaining.

10. Happy on Facebook doesn't mean happy at home.

11. Meaningful, deep-thinking conversation is rare and seems to be headed towards extinction in the very near future.

12. Some mistakenly think silence means clueless. They are arrogant enough to think you don't notice their bullshit.


13.  Race relations in America is much worse than I had previously thought.


14.  Some people are miserable as hell and they want everyone else to be miserable too.  These folks find a reason to hate everything under the sun, and if you listen to them, you too will hate everything under the sun.


15.  According to one study or another, or one opinion or another, everything we eat is bad for us.


16.  Solomon was right, it is all vanity.


17.  God is the only One you can count on to never change and to always love you unconditionally . . . glory, glory, hallelujah.







--©Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

December 16, 2020