September 20 2020

by Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz




Repeat After Me




They are at it again. All I'm reading in comments now on social media is "democrat cities/states are shit holes", "democrat governors are losers", "democrats are the blame for everything". Some people sound as if they think (I think) democrats are some kind of disease that needs to be gotten rid of. Since when did politics get this hateful and nasty? Just ask yourselves that question. What I see is people repeating exactly what the man in charge is saying, no matter how untrue or ridiculous it is.  I actually read a comment where someone welcomed a "king" for this country. That is extraordinary. I wonder if they realize what they themselves would be losing by having a king. And this belief that democrats are stark raving mad and want to destroy this country is total BS. I am a democrat and I don't fit any of the descriptions that I see and hear about democrats, nor do any of the other democrats that I personally know. Some people are embracing lies and cursing the truth. I read a comment yesterday that fits this scenario perfectly -- ". . . some have made truth the enemy". How sad it is to see so many repeating untruths and ready to defend those untruths by any means available. I just pray that we all, even those who say they want it that way, don't wake up one morning and find ourselves in a country where we have no rights to free speech or peaceful protest, where all we have the right to do is what we are told to do and to be quiet. And to realize that some would welcome this is amazing to me. Extraordinary!



--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

September 20, 2020