Snake Charmer

It is easy to be in awe of anyone who can charm snakes.  But there must first be snakes willing and ready to be charmed.  Sadly, America has way too many willing and ready snakes in its midst that have fallen under the spell of the biggest, craziest snake charmer of all times.  It is quite a sight to see the charmed defend their charmer, spewing alternate truths and blind admiration.  It is odd how these folks accuse others of all the things they and their charmer are guilty of themselves.  Like accusing others of being crazed monsters out to destroy America.  What?  Isn't that exactly what the charmer and his followers are doing?  They applaud all of the nasty, destructive things that are occurring at the bequest of the charmer, oblivious to the fact that they themselves will also be victims of such nasty and destructive things.  Absolutely amazing!  The saddest part of all is the fact that the charmed actually believe the charmer gives a damn about them.



--Rosalin Moss
Say It With Roz
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