I have really tried to be respectful of our current President, but time and time again he proves himself to be the most disgusting person I have ever witnessed.  The things he says in public about fellow Americans is too despicable for words.  The funny thing is that everything horrible he says about other people, those things are really a description of himself.  The one word that keeps coming to my mind when it comes to this man is "sinister".  Disgusting really does not describe him adequately.  He is beyond disgusting.  The man is very, very good at being nasty -- although he has a habit of calling others nasty.  I can see why the upper crust never accepted this man.  He certainly does not have any class.  It amazes me how some people hurl accusations of sour grapes over the 2016 election at Democrats when they criticize this man.  As if there is nothing to dislike about this President!  It is quite unnerving to watch this person tell lies about every single thing.  It is even more unnerving to watch him do a boomerang on whatever criticisms he receives, turning things around as if others are guilty of the the things he himself is guilty of.  One thing is for sure, according to my observations, whatever this man accuses others of, you can bet money that he is doing those things himself.  On the flip side, whatever he claims he is excelling at, you can bet money that he is, at best mediocre, or a total failure.  I did not think it was possible, but I was SHOCKED when he declared that he was an "extremely stable genius"!  Oh, my goodness!  Who would ever say that?  Other than an extremely unstable idiot?  But I don't believe he is an idiot at all.  He is too good at some things to be an idiot.  I do not believe he is a genius either.  No, he is not a genius, he is sinister smart.  The kind of smart you do not want to take notice of you.  Perhaps that explains the sound of crickets from the right.

Again, I am not a disgruntled 2016 sour graper.  It does not make me happy to say these things.  I would much rather be saying how great our President is.  I do not see why anyone would waste an opportunity to do great things for everyone in this country.  It should not matter which political party you belong to, because every side should have the good of this country and its people at heart.  I just know that right now, a lot of things do not seem right.  Right now, a lot of things seem sinister.



--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

June 7, 2019