Being Pro-Black

Being well-matured and ol' school, I am not up on all of today's trends.  But I have been aware of the term "pro-Black" for some time and wondered what exactly did that mean.  I ran across this article ("Pro-Black does not mean Anti-White" . . . or does it?) that I thought was interesting, in that the article  clearly stated that pro-Black, in the author's mind, meant anti-White.  I suspected that anti-White was some of what the term pro-Black meant, even though some say it does not.  Some might disagree, but I just think Black people think about White people too much.  Why do Black people have to try so hard to love and support each other?  Don't we have a natural love for our people?  Aren't we already partial to Black people?  It should go without saying.  There is nothing wrong with being partial to your own race.  Every race is partial to its own.  But we are all in this world together and we cannot help but interact with other races.  Anything you buy or sell most likely has something about it that has touched White hands, sort of speaking.  Maybe the parts or supplies to make the product, or the packaging, or the product itself might have come from a White supplier.  So, in one way or another, we are all supporting each other, including our White brothers and sisters. 

I just don't need to put a "pro-Black" label on my love for Black people.  I think "pro-God" and "pro-family" is about the most important thing you can be, in my opinion.  Imagine, if you equip your family for surviving and succeeding in this world?  Imagine the impact a generation of God-fearing, educated, wise and well-rounded Blacks would make on this world?  A generation that doesn't let obstacles keep them from their dreams, but finds ways to succeed in spite of the obstacles?  Imagine that!  I think that would do more to impact the Black man's plight than any amount of being anti-White. 

I like these "pros" much better:

Pro-God (I love God and will follow His teachings)

Pro-Me (I love myself and will do my best with what God has given me)

Pro-Family (I love my family and will be there for them as much as I can)

Pro-Friends (I love my friends and will remain loyal)

Pro-Spouse (I love and respect my spouse and will do good by them at all times)

Pro-Children (I love my children and will do all in my power to equip them for success)

Pro-Neighborhood (I love my neighborhood and will help keep it beautiful)

Pro-Community (I love my community and will help keep it beautiful and will support community business)

Pro-City (I love my city and will help keep it beautiful and will vote in local elections)

Pro-State (I love my state and will help keep it beautiful and will vote in state elections)

Pro-Country (I love my country and will help keep it beautiful, and will serve when required, and will vote in federal elections)

How about pro-success?  What do you think?  Do you consider yourself to be pro-Black?  If so, why and how do you accomplish this?  I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me at via email.


--Rosalin Moss
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