No Blacks On Currency Under His Watch


Another show of colors on the part of the country's leader.  This man could not be clearer on how he feels about people of color.  His refusal to place a Black person on U.S. currency is just another example of his low opinion of non-Whites.  The obsession with erasing everything that has Obama's stamp on it is really enough for anyone to see what time it is.  From what I have seen and heard of him, I believe that this man has a deep-seated hatred of Black people.  He exhibits all the characteristics of a person who was raised to look down on people of color, Blacks in particular.  The people that vouch for this man and claim that he is not racist are just plain liars and must have some of the same sentiments as he does.  I cannot help but wonder about anyone who supports this man in anything, period.  Most of the so-called good they claim this man is doing for the country is really not so good when you actually take a close look.  Some Americans seem to only be concerned with how many extra coins they get to put in their pocket, but what they don't realize is that their rights are also being taken away along with the rest of the folks.  Almost everything that is being done will benefit big business and rich people. 


In spite of this man's refusal to honor Harriet Tubman, nothing can take away from the greatness of this heroic Black woman who did more for mankind than this man can even comprehend.  In a way, it is good that he will not have his hand in making this happen.  Let someone with more integrity bestow that honor on such a great American as Harriet Tubman.



--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

May 27, 2019