Should Blacks Celebrate July 4th?

Should Blacks celebrate the 4th of July?  My answer to that question is a loud and unapologetic hell yes!  Mind you, it is July 4, 2019, and I'm still in my pajamas and don't plan on barbecuing a thing, but I do recognize the holiday and have no problems at all in celebrating if I choose to do so.  This notion that Blacks should not celebrate Independence Day because slavery was still in effect in 1776 doesn't seem right to me.  It is like not claiming what is rightfully yours.  Even though my ancestors were slaves during that time, they still played a part in the independence of this country and I don't ever want them to be forgotten.  There needs to be a lot of Black faces in every July 4th celebration crowd.  America doesn't need to forget that Blacks are a part of this country too.  When we sit out, we say we are not a part.  Black people need to stop acting like second-class citizens in this country and stand up and be counted in EVERYTHING.  Didn't our ancestors earn that right?  Is this not the Black man's country too?  However, I will not condemn anyone who chooses not to recognize this holiday because I haven't walked in their shoes.  I'm just saying here how I see things.  Happy Independence Day, everyone!


--Rosalin Moss
Say It With Roz
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