Get Over It, You Say?


The last thing you need to say to a Black person is "get over it".  Perhaps that would be a fitting utterance if discrimination was not still alive and well in 2019.  Anybody that doesn't believe, or pretends not to believe, that Blacks continue to be slighted in every possible way should take a look around this disgusting website ( that is dedicated to making fun of Black people in the worst way.  Check our their discussion forum.  My take away from it is that if a group of people have to spend that much time trashing another group of people, they obviously don't have much to say about themselves.  However, my first impression upon stumbling onto this site was hurt and sorrow.  Sorrow over the fact that someone who doesn't know squat about me can hate me so much for no reason other than I am Black.  I never shared this website link with anyone before this day because I did not want my sisters and brothers to experience the pain that I had experienced.  These haters of Black people surely know not what they do.  I can only trust that vengence will be the Lord's and these hateful people will burn in hell for eternity.



--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

June 8, 2019