Facebook Becoming Complicated


I have really enjoyed using Facebook to network and to discover new businesses.  But there are some things that have changed over the last 2-3 years that I find annoying.  For one thing, getting news feeds from other pages has become very hard.  For some reason, I started getting page news feeds for about 30 days, then they would stop altogether.  So, if I wanted to continue seeing feeds from that page, I would have to actually visit the page to see if there was anything new!  Then they removed the pages news feed altogether, but I guess too many people complained, so they brought it back.  Getting pages news feeds from my personal Facebook page worked fine for a while, then they removed the separate section just for pages and lumped the page news feed in with my personal news feed!  That meant that I had to scroll through a lot of personal news in search of the pages news! Very annoying and time-consuming!  Then, the other day, I was trying to share an article and I got a popup message indicating that the article's study had not been proven and that I could get strikes against me if I posted false information! Not to mention all of the cloned accounts!  I am forever getting friend requests from people I am already friends with -  either they say their profile was hacked so they are creating a new one, or someone pretending to be that person is trying to become friends with me!  Most people don't tell you they are creating a new profile so I either ignore the request or have to message or call that person to see if they are really sending me a friend request!  So much trouble!


And, there is all the controversy about privacy and how Facebook is handling user information.  However, I do not fool myself into thinking that anything I put on Facebook is truly private.  Anything that is saved and can be recalled, is subject to manipulation.  Hackers get so-called private information all the time.  The only way to make sure your personal information is safe is to keep it to yourself, which, of course, you cannot do. If you have filled out a paper or online form, ordered online, or even given out that information over the phone, you have released your personal information into the possibility of being seen or used by anyone -- just depends on who you gave it to and how they actually use it. 


Anyway, just noting that Facebook is evolving into . . . who knows what. 




--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

May 27, 2019