I remember when Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton.  I remember him talking until he could hardly talk anymore, begging folks to go to the polls and vote for Hillary, and most importantly, preserve his legacy.  Well, a lot of White folks decided to vote Republican, and way too many Black folks decided to not vote at all. There wasn't enough people that gave a damn about preserving the legacy of the first Black President of the United States of America.  What a damn, crying shame!

I don't know what Barack Obama is going to do, but if I was him, I wouldn't endorse no damn body.  Why should he?  His own people sat on their asses and let all of the work he did be wiped away by a vengeful White man determined to wipe him from history.  Black folks should have held their noses and voted for Clinton the same way Whites held their noses and voted for the current President.  In my opinion, Hillary smelled like a bed of roses compared to what we ended up with, unless you bought into all that bullshit floating around on social media.  In my opinion, a lot of Black folks turned their backs on Obama.  Of course, he is loved dearly by many, many people, Black and White, but, still, all of his accomplishments are being erased.

I think people are just being messy by even asking why Obama has not endorsed Biden.  These folks are determined to bring Joe Biden down.  They are doing to him the same thing they did to Hillary.  Black folks are jumping all over Biden like he was trying to bring back slavery.  I get the feeling that younger Blacks want to see Harris or Booker in the White House, and they are offended by the notion that the only way for Dems to win in 2020 is by nominating an old White man.  I would be happy to see anybody in the big chair besides who is sitting there now.  Judgiing from the first two debates, I think these candidates are ready to start out-shining each other now.  It's dog-eat-dog time.

--Rosalin Moss
Say It With Roz
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