Did Joe Biden Make The Right Decision To Run?


From what I know about former Vice President Joe Biden, he seems to be an OK person.  My first thought when he was deciding to run in the 2020 presidential election, was that he should not run, and later that he would not run.  However, as it turned out, he decided to run.  Now, I'm not claiming to actually know anything, I'm just an outsider looking in from afar.  But I just figure if you're at Joe Biden's age and your career has been pretty good so far, why bother yourself with the burden of running for president and, if you win, bearing the burdens of the world?  But I can only assume that Biden feels that he can handle all of that.  Or maybe the chance to be the top guy, the man in the big chair, was just too much to pass up.


But what if Biden loses the primary election and never makes it to the general election in 2020?  What if he wins the primary and loses the general election?  How will losing in either the primary or the general election affect Joe Biden?  How will losing the general election affect the Democratic party? There are already democrats who think Biden is too old and too much a part of the past to lead the country in the right democratic direction.  With so many democrats running in the 2020 primary, there is no telling who will come out on top.  So far, Biden is the frontrunner, but he is also the target of several criticisms.  For instance, he's too old, he was unfair to Anita Hill, he is too feely-touchy, he's too Obama, he's piggy backing off of Obama, he's accused of plagerism, he flip-flopped on his abortion stance, and on and on.  If he survives the democratic onslaught, he will then have to face Nasty in Chief.  But will it all boil down to what the foreigners do with our election systems?  Will the election be rigged by actually changing votes and regardless of which democrat runs, the incumbent wins?  Who knows.  Only time will tell the tale of how this saga ends.



--Rosalin Moss
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