Shut Up, Backseat Politicians!


Day in and day out, news commentators are passing judgment on the House Speaker for not rushing into an impeachment process.  These people sound like they are authorities on how to handle this situation, yet not one of them is actually in charge.  They are really on my nerves with casting doubt on how the House Speaker is addressing this crazy mess the country is faced with.  People are letting their emotions run away.  Yes, it is maddening how things have unfolded, but I am with the House Speaker in making sure you've got exactly what you need to fight with.  It is one thing to know a thing in your mind and heart, but it is entirely another thing proving it in a legal setting.  These "we need new leadership in the party" criers need to sit thier asses down somewhere and let people in charge do their job.  Y'all might as well be Republicans!  Give your leadership the benefit of the doubt, jerk!  When it's all over, voice your criticisms then.  In the meantime, what you are yakking about doesn't help squat!



--Rosalin Moss

Say It With Roz

June 8, 2019