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Welcome to Say It With Roz's Website
Welcome to Say It With Roz, where you can find an honest opinion about current events and life in general as seen through the eyes of an American Black woman.

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The Gateway To Understanding

Effective communication requires listening to and respecting what the other guy has to say, even when you do not agree or understand what is being said. Having patience and asking for clarification can lead to a better understanding of someone else's opinion.. All opinions are valid in one way or another.

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What I'm Thinking Right Now

I fear something sinister is on the horizon.  I will be happy to be proven wrong. 

--December 16, 2020


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 As I was writing my Father's Day posts yesterday, I became overwhelmed with sadness by images from days gone by flooding my mind. I found myself wishing for the days when everyone was still here, you know, my daddy, my brothers Bob and George Jr., grandma and so on. Days when funerals were far and few in between.

As I look around at the state of things today in our great nation, I wonder if we realize how short our days are and how silly it is to waste those days on fighting with each other and trying . . . <read more>


 Just Vote Blue!

If you are still undecided about who to vote for, or you are one of those people who insist on your vote being earned, or you need to be motivated to go out to the polls -- sit your ass down and shut your mouth.  Just do what I tell you and VOTE BLUE!

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Stop The Madness and

Make It Simple!

What would happen if there were no political parties?  No Republican, Democrat or Independent parties?  How would things go if  it was just a matter of who had the best plan, who was best liked because of their character and what they had to offer -- instead of basing things solely on what political party they belong to?  And forget about raising and spending all of that campaign money! Just think of all the . . . Read More  



What I Learned This Week


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Your Vote Is Your Power

Don't fall for the okie doke about your vote not counting!  You've got real power with your vote . . . Read More

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Don't drink this mess, no matter who is serving it up! 


It continues to amaze me how some people continue swallowing lies and deceit. This is true on all fronts and by all people. Everybody needs to check themselves. 

Get Over It, You Say?


The last thing you need to say to a Black person is "get over it".  Perhaps that would be a fitting utterance if discrimination was not still alive and well in 2019.  Anybody that doesn't believe, or pretends not to believe, that Blacks continue to be slighted in every possible way should take a look around this disgusting website Read More

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Divide and Conquer Is At Work

A lot of Americans are oblivious to what is really going on in Washington while others are keenly aware.  Certain news networks give very little coverage on certain happenings, while other networks put lots of emphasis on certain happenings.  So, there is always confusion and disagreement . . . Read More

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Facebook Becoming Complicated

I have really enjoyed using Facebook to network and to discover new businesses. But there are some things that have changed over the last 2-3 years that I find annoying. For one thing, getting news feeds from pages has become very hard. For some reason, I started getting page news feeds for about 30 days, then they would stop altogether. So, if I wanted to continue seeing feeds, I would have to actually visit the page to see if there was anything new! Then they . . . Read More

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They are at it again. All I'm reading in comments now on social media is "democrat cities/states are shit holes", "democrat governors are losers", "democrats are the blame for everything". Some people sound as if they think (I think) democrats are some kind of disease that needs to be gotten rid of. Since when did politics get this hateful and nasty? Just ask yourselves . . . Read More

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